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NZISM Compliant Data Destruction

Your data is a highly valuable and dangerous commodity in the wrong hands. Even your non-functioning Hard Drives have recoverable data which in the wrong hands could severely damage your organisation.

Technology advancements over recent years have seen increased use of technologies such as flash memory to store and buffer data in order to massively speed up the performance of your technologies. Flash memory, in particular, is now used ubiquitously in nearly all technology including laptops, servers, SSD’s cellphones, tablets, routers & communications equipment, and even hard drives themselves.

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Unfortunately the use of flash memory has made it almost impossible to definitively erase data from these technologies, and degaussing is also ineffective on flash memory. This is why global security authorities now recommend that technologies containing flash memory for storing & buffering data be fully disintegrated as part of the disposal process in order to eliminate risk of data being recovered from them after disposal.

Consequently the New Zealand Information Security Manual (NZISM) now mandates that all active components be disintegrated into either 6mm or 3mm fragments depending on the classification or sensitivity of the environment these technologies were used in.

ITRECYCLA’s High Volume Disintegrator destroys Hard Drives, Memory Modules  Printed Circuit Boards and the like down to 3mm or 6mm particles, making it impossible to read or re-construct. The resulting particles are then recycled to recover base materials from which to manufacture new technologies.

In addition to this, ITRECYCLA has also implemented a secure locked quarantine area, video surveillance and comprehensive procedures & workflows to meet the demanding requirements of the NZISM as it relates to data destruction and disposals.

The combination of these elements is called NZISM Compliant Data Destruction

As well as your technology devices, SSD’s and HDDs, we can also destroy other items such as:

  • CD’s, DVD’s, Blu Ray and other optical discs
  • Floppy and other types of computer discs
  • VHS, Computer backup and other magnetic tapes
  • Credit cards and other plastic or metal ID cards
  • Documents
  • Uniforms

As well as our On-Site Service we offer a Free Pick-Up Service or a Mail-In/Courier-In Services. Certificates of Destruction can be issued for all Destroyed Data Bearing Devices by request.

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