Electronic & Computer Recycling

In a world where resources are becoming increasingly scarce, and with the environment on the brink of toxic overload, it is vital that we minimise the demands on the planet, and do whatever we can to recycle and reuse wherever we can. Recycling computers, batteries, cameras and other potentially harmful electronic equipment.

At ITRECYCLA we support environmental and social responsibility initiatives by recycling computer & electronic waste, surplus computer equipment and redundant IT peripherals, minimising the impact on the environment, reusing 99% of materials and keeping hazardous substances out of New Zealand’s (and the world’s) environment.

We use only approved and certified global partners thus ensuring absolute integrity, efficiency and auditability of our computer recycling, computer disposal and electronic recycling services.

Computer & Electronic Recycling
Ewaste Collection Bins

Collection & Removal

Electronic & Computer Waste or Ewaste comes in all shapes and sizes at ITRECYCLA we have developed different products to make handling collection and removal a breeze for our customers.

Collection & Removal Options

Standards and Compliance

ITRECYCLA closely follows Ministry for the Environment’s recommended e-Waste practices as outlined in AS/NZS5377:2013: Collection, Transport and Treatment of End-Of-Life Electrical and Electronic Equipment. ITRECYCLA is also an active Basel participant holding an appropriate Basel Permit for the export of e-Waste material. Whilst there is not yet a New Zealand accreditation / audit programm for this standard, ITRECYCLA’s documented policies and procedures have been designed in accordance with published guidelines in preparedness for said accreditation.  
Electronic Recycling

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