We want to make things as simple as possible for our customers. ITRECYCLA have developed several different solutions to assist our customers with the collection and removal of equipment.

Electronic Recycling

eBin & eBin Secure

The eBin is a Wheelie bin specifically for e-waste in a moderate quantity.

The eBin Secure is a Secure Wheelie bin specifically designed for Hard Drive and other data bearing devices.

Electronic Recycling

eCube Mini & eCube Secure

Assembled into a 1m³ (or ½ m³) cube bin moved using a standard pallet jack or forklift, the eCube and eCube Mini are ideal for bulk removal of e-waste, allowing staff the time to get it all together from all around the organisation.

The eCube Secure is a locked ½ m³ cube bin for the secure removal & destruction of data bearing devices.

Electronic Recycling

Mega eCube

Our newest member to the eCube family the Mega eCube is a ten foot container for those large projects and where security is required.

When ready, you can book their rotation on our collection request page Book a Job

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