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Deleting vs Erasing

Deleting means you only remove the path to the data but the data will be intact and recoverable until you overwrite it. Data erasure is overwriting the data in every sector of the drive.

Why not shredding the hard drive?

Of course shredding will make the data unrecoverable but it will also make the machine not reusable. If you erase the data with YOUWIPE you are able to resell the hardware.

Introducing ITRecycla’s Data Erasure Software Youwipe

Secure Data
Secure Data
YouWipe Data Erasure Software

YouWipe regulation compliance

  • Complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (Document 52012PC0011)
  • Meets and exceeds requirements set in Article 17 ”Right to be forgoten and to erasure”
  • Ensures regulatory compliance with data destruction, reporting and auditing capabilities
  • Complies with the secure data removal requirements as stated by ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA and SOX
  • Follows Cryptographic Erase Guidelines accepted by the Federal Agencies of EU and US

Technical Features

  • Complies with multiple international define overwriting standards
  • Simoultaneous erasure of multiple disks
  • Automatic erasure verification
  • Unlimited disk drive size

As well as our On-Site Service we offer a Free Pick-Up Service or a Mail-In/Courier-In Services. Certificates of Destruction can be issued for all Destroyed Data Bearing Devices by request.

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