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High Security Destruction

Your data is a highly valuable and dangerous commodity in the wrong hands. Even your non-functioning Hard Drives have recoverable data which in the wrong hands could severely damage your organisation. The High Volume PC Hard Drive Disintegrator destroys Hard Drives, Memory Modules  and Printed Circuit Boards to 3mm or 6mm Particles, impossible to read or re-construct. Specifically designed to handle PC Hard drives.  Resulting particles can be recycled so they can also be used for other materials.

As well as hard drives it can destroy other items such as:
  • CD’s, DVD’s, Blu Ray and other optical discs
  • Floppy and other types of computer discs
  • VHS, Computer backup and other magnetic tapes
  • Credit cards and other plastic or metal ID cards
  • Documents
  • Uniforms

high security data destruction

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Certificates of Destruction can be issued for all Destroyed Data Bearing Devices by request.

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