Data Erasure – Enterprise WAN

Enterprise Erase WAN (Wide Area Network) is an enterprise level data erasure solution capable of remotely erasing computers over a company wide network.

Tabernus EE WAN solution easily installs on host unit inside an enterprise network. From there, system admins or IT specialists can remotely erase a system on the network from their centralized location, and additionally, the data sanitization report is collected and stored on the central host. With flexible implementation methods and ongoing support, Tabernus Enterprise Erase WAN can turn company-wide system refreshes from chaos to order.

Enterprise Erase WAN saves time on site and helps corporate asset managers maintain chain of custody while sanitizing data on premises before going to a trusted IT asset disposal partner.


  • Erase Servers, PC, and Laptops remotely across internal network or WAN
  • Perform DoD or NIST Compliant Erasure
  • Initiated locally or remotely over network
  • Data Erasure Certificates generated for system and hard drive
  • Centralized Records




For more information and pricing Contact Us

For more information and pricing Contact Us

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