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Data Erasure – Enterprise Mobile

Enterprise Erase Mobile (EEMobile) supports the simultaneous erasure of up to 48 mobile devices, to facilitate high volume information security. Tabernus enables the erasure of mixed mobile devices, so that iOS, Android and Blackberry data can be safely deleted, without any reduction in erasure time.

The application runs as a server, so that new devices can be “hot swapped” rather than as a batch process. This allows operators to add new devices as needed.

Tabernus has automated full logging and reporting facilities within a web based reports generation tool. This provides a full audit trial of the erasure, date, time and serial number of the device alongside confirmation of a successful erasure.


  • Support for leading Smartphone operating systems:iOS devices (including iPhone 6/6+), Blackberry (Blackberry Classic Devices) & Android Devices
  • Supports simultaneous erasure of up to 48 mobile devices, no queuing process
  • Support 30 iOS devices simultaneously
  • Augments existing factory reset & re-flashing processes
  • Efficient, automated wipe operation with minimal operator touch time
  • User friendly & intuitive interfaces throughout
  • Automatic generation of erasure reports
  • Full audit trail – Helps towards internal/external Audit compliance
  • Use your own hardware to operate software

Device Support

  • All Android devices running OS V1.6 or higher software
  • All iOS Phone, iPod, iPad devices on the market
  • All Blackberry Classic Devices
  • Coming Soon-Windows Phone support on all models

Concurrent Processing

  • Process 30 iOS devices concurrently, or
  • 48 Android and Blackberry devices concurrent

Recommended Setup

  • PC or Laptop Set Up for common 20 device operation
    • 64-bit Intel i5 or AMD Quad core PC or Laptop
    • No OS required, EE Mobile includes its own OS based on Linux
    • 4GB Memory with Minimum 40GB hard drive
  • Other equipment
    • Internet access (For iOS devices only)
    • Powered USB hub
    • USB cables for connecting to phones


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