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Data Erasure – Enterprise LUN

Enterprise Erase LUN (EE LUN) allows system administers and IT service providers to perform data erasure on individual drives, as well as logical drives (such as LUNs), in an active storage environment.

The target devices or LUNs can be remotely erased once volumes are presented to the EE LUN application and server. Report collecting for each asset erased can be centrally collected in data base format for easy access and sharing.


Collects hard drive erasure information including:

  • Drive size
  • Drive manufacturer
  • Drive model number
  • Drive serial number

Performs any of the following overwriting algorithms:

  • Single pass
  • Three pass plus verify (DOD5220M / CESG HMG)
  • Seven pass plus verify (DOD5220M)
  • Secure Erase ((NIST 800-88)

Capable of erasing any type of hard drive (SCSI, SAS, SATA, IDE, FC, SSD)
Enterprise Erase LUN


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For more information and pricing Contact Us

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