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Data Erasure – Enterprise LAN

Enterprise Erase LAN (Local Area Network) is a software solution that increases your efficiency to securely and completely remove all data from the hard drives within laptops, desktops, and small servers, without having to remove the hard drives from units. The software is deployed via an isolated network. The erasure process can be initiated from either a server console or the client console. All erasure data is then captured and collected for your records.

Major New Features

  • New networking infrastructure:Customers can process over 500 client computers simultaneously without concern of network load
  • Unlimited custom fields:Customers can add virtually as many customized fields to tailor the Tabernus solution to match their internal process
  • Set automatic wiping and default wipe level from the server GUI:Easy to use, no editing of configuration files for end user allows customers to quickly change between automated erasure levels
  • Configuration profiles:Configuration profiles support customization where customers can save time with setting defaults in the system to expedite processing. Examples are setting Default Employee IDs, Default Wipe Level, automatic wiping, and a hold for the operator to fill in asset details before logging to the database
  • S.M.A.R.T. Test Before Erasure:Enhanced support for hard drive health check. Software will fail drive and not proceed with the erasure if the drive fails the S.M.A.R.T health check


  • Works over an isolated local area network
  • Capable of erasing up to 200+ computers simultaneously
  • Organized reporting of both the hard drive erased, as well as the client asset information (serial numbers, manufacturer, bios information, and more)
  • Reporting data can be ported into your database
  • Capable of erasing any drive type (SATA, IDE, SCSI, SAS, FC), and SSD
  • Configurable erasure options (single pass, three pass, seven pass)
  • Software can be deployed via Tabernus server, or your internal hardware

Detailed Reports

Generate detailed reports and certificates of erasure by device and serial number. Provide auditable and verifiable assurance that all data was sanitized in compliance with published standards.

  • U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Standard 5220.22-M (Sanitization)
  • NIST Special Publication 800-88: Guidelines for Media Sanitization
  • Government Certified UK HMG InfoSec No 5 (Higher)
  • Supports all disk drive types, fibre channel, SAS, SATA, SCSI, ATA, and solid state disk (SSD)
  • Automatically collects hard drive erasure information including: Drive size, manufacturer, model number, and serial number
  • Configurable erasure options (single pass, three pass, seven pass)
  • Collects asset information from target system BIOS: CPU, Memory, Video Card, and more

Recommended Setup

  • Enterprise Erase LAN software can be set up on an x86 Intel based laptop, desktop or server with network connection
  • Basic network switch and network cables
  • Target clients must have wired network connection



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